Bethel Trip Pricing-Dates – information for 2020 Still on Hold Until Further Notice from World Headquarters Friends!

Hello Dear Friends, 2020 tours are just around the corner and I cant be more excited to take you !

Here are the 2020 Dates for Tours thru September 2020

Dates for 2020 are as follows

June: 8-14-2020

July :1-6-2020

Friends as soon as I hear via email from the Branch when we can start back touring dates will be posted here and Instagram under Bethel Trips By Sherry ! Much love to all and I am so ready to go back and take you all !

September 6-12-2020

October 26-31-2020 

Thank you for stopping by the website to get cost, dates and information that can help you make a prayerful decision and then call or text me 214-828-7210 

Hello Friends I am Sherry Reed! I will be taking you to tour all 3 Branches in the US . I fly from Dallas Texas and I am at the hotel when you arrive to greet you and take you to your room and make sure you are set up for the next few days once you arrive.

 2020 is my 20th year of taking the friends and I love it !!

Don’t fret I have your hotel reservations already for the tours I also have your transportation ready for you, your family or friends, Bible Students and the best part I will be with you to take you to all your tours and best of all you can choose to be a small group or a large it is all up to you.

Below is information for ALL tours so please read carefully and then call or text me let me know what month you want to go and the best part of all you don’t have to save money for the trip all you do is pay your deposit for the trip and the rest of your trip can be paid out in payments either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly you choose as long as you are paid in full 30 days before the trip and please remember deposits are non refundable so, make this a matter of prayer and one more thing please share my website with others so, they can come tour too.

One of the most important things I want for the friends is to enjoy this trip and to also have freedom to do the things you want to do after your tours are over and this makes my trips a lot different from other trips out there and I work very hard to keep costs down and affordable even for families as I do not charge full price for children and that is a plus and will save you so much money.

If you join us for Bethel Tours and I will already have reservations for all tours you don’t have to worry about this at all its all set and all you do is fly to Newark and get ready for your Bethel Tours to include Warwick, Walkill and Patterson even if you have gone before do not think you can’t benefit from going again things are every changing at Bethel and tons of new things are always added, bring your family and also bring your bible students so they can get a rounded education of Jehovah’s Organization its a beautiful Spiritual Vacation with Jehovah’s People!

Your cost per person does not include airfare you must purchase your airfare and meet me in Newark NJ this is the airport you will fly into . If you need help booking your flights please call me 214-828-7210

The code for that airport is EWR, if you chose to fly to another airport you must pay for transport to Newark where the hotel is located .

Hotel: Robert Treat Newark

Please take a look at the website to see the area we are staying, there are many places to eat in walking distance and Penn Station is close to the hotel that will take you straight into NYC the shuttle provides free service from airport to hotel and from hotel to train station and then back to airport departure.

If you chose to do a Bible Tour while you are in the city on your free days below is a link to the MET Museum

1.MET Museum these tours are a separate tour and you must use this link

Deposits are $150.00 per person

 If 1 family is  staying in a room together your deposit is $100.00

( Deposits are non refundable)

You can make your deposits payments with Cash App or Venmo


You will be able to take notes and keep up with your payments and balance thru these apps

Please call me if you need help downloading and making your payments it really is super easy 

Step 1 : Call or text me your name and what month you want to go

Step 2: Download Cash App or Venmo  to create an account and just make your deposit and put in a note your month you want to go to Bethel you will be able to keep up with your balance and see your payments you have made for the trip its just that easy! 

There are now 2 trip choices for the friends a 4 day and a 6 day below cost for both trips 

If you just want to tour Bethel this may be just the trip for you 

Warwick,Patterson and Walkill this option can be used for any trip you chose all you need to do is let me know you want to go on a 4 day trip and you are all set 

The 4 day trip is for just tours and no free days in NYC 6 day trip is for those who want a couple of days to explore the city . 

6 day $825 per person 2 to a room, 3 to a room $725 and 4 to a room $625

4 day $625 per person 2 to a room ,3 to a room $525 and 4 to a room $425

Ages 13 and Under  $150.00 per person plus air meet in Newark

Ages 13 thru 18 $315.00 per person plus air meet in Newark

Day 1 fly to Newark 

Day 2 Tour 

Day 3 Tour

Day 4 fly home or free days in NYC

Day 5 is your free time to do as you choose with your friends or family that may have joined you on the trip

Day 6 fly home 


I am excited to take you friends to our beautiful Bethel Facilities!

Wallkill Bethel, Patterson Bethel and  Warwick Bethel! 

Meet Us in Newark NJ


Pricing includes your hotel, transportation to all Bethel tours plus breakfast daily at our hotel.

No other food costs are included in the tours, so make sure you count the cost each day for food and all other expenses you may incur on your trip please keep in mind Tips are required for anyone who performs a service for you while on this trip, Especially the hotel shuttle driver as he will be taking to the train station, from the airport and back to the airport and they love the friends because are cheerful givers and we give a witness to all these helping on this trip.

Tours in Spanish, French, English and others for Audio at Warwick.. International Friends join me and let me take you to Bethel and have a Vacation that will last a lifetime ..

” Taste and see that Jehovah is good”

See Love in action on this beautiful trip 

Each day of tours transportation will arrive at our hotel and take us on our tours and when complete back to our hotel.

Fly to Newark New Jersey (EWR) and I will have the hotel shuttle to pick you up and take you there and your keys will be waiting on you I will be there waiting on you . 

(Purchase your airfare) and you will be picked up at airport and shuttled back to airport at departure make sure you fly in and out of Newark if you choose any other airport you must find transportation to the hotel and that can be very pricey 

Important information for all trips 

After your tours each day this is your free time and the friends who go on my trips love freedom to do what they want to make sure you do research on where you want to go and do there are so many things to do in NYC so, google is your friend to help you decide and you can find many good deals online for you to take advantage of.

Happy Looking !  

if you choose you can take the subway into the city or you can relax and enjoy the evening by our hotel as there are places to eat and the shuttle runs every 30 minutes and it will take you to the Train Station

There are so many places to eat and shop in this are and if you choose to venture out you can hop on a  LYFT or Uber over to eat in the area.

We stay in Newark and everything is in walking distance including Grocery Stores too ..By the Newark Airport is a huge mall Jersey Gardens Mall with lots of shopping 

Dear Friends it is my pleasure to take you to on this trip and I can’t wait to hear from you and please share the website with others who want to go ! and remember to be patient with me since there can and will be hiccups along the way and I do my best to take care of things as soon as I find out about them.

Share and share and share and share !

John 13:34,35 there is no love like we as Jehovah’s People enjoy and on this trip we get a small glimpse of Paradise ! So, come on let’s go! Do not forget Love Never Fails !