Warwick – New World Headquarters

APRIL 19-24, 2017  ( FULL)

June 7-12,2017 (FULL)

October 18-23, 2017 ( limited seats left) 

This is current pricing for 2017 

I am excited to take you friends to our beautiful Bethel Facilities  !

Wallkill Bethel

Patterson Bethel 

Warwick Bethel 

The New World Headquarters is accepting tours starting April 2017. 

Our 1st trip for 2017 is scheduled for April 19 - 24 &  will include Warwick!


The price varies depending on the number of people in a room  for single friends you can have 4 to a room, so grab 3 friends and book a trip! Couples who want to have a private King Room of course it costs more ..

Fly From Dallas With Me
  • This includes Air,Hotel and Transportation to all Bethel Facilities 
  • Couples (2 people): $1225 person
  • 3 people, each person is $1,025 per person
  • 4 people, each person is $825 per person
Meet Us in NYC 
  • Fly to Laguardia in NYC  LGA is code for airport 
  •  I will provide my flight times so you can arrange to get there with us. It's that easy!
  • You can purchase your airfare and meet me at the airport and I have a bus leased for us that will pick us up and off we go ! 
  • Couples (2 people): $815 (per person)
  • 3 people to a room is $ 715  per person
  • 4 people to a room is $625 per person 


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