Schedule for all Bethel Tours

Daily Trip Itinerary for all Bethel-Warwick-Patterson and Walkill Trips 

Day 1-Arrive at Newark Airport and the Hotel Shuttle will be picking you up we will schedule pick up when I get your arrival time to Newark!
After we arrive to our hotel if time allows you are free to hop on the train if you choose and go into the city its a 25 minute train ride.

Day 2 and 3 hop on the bus that will be at our hotel and go over our Daily Text after a good breakfast in order to start our day out the best way possible off to begin our exciting day
We begin our Tours of Bethel each trip in 2018 will have a different schedule based on openings online & I will call you 2 weeks before trip to let you know days and times of tours in the event you have friends serving and want to see them.
Warwick Tours are Self-Guided with the exception of a 20-25 minute outside tour of the grounds below are the highlights of Warwick The Bible and the Divine Name. This exhibit features rare Bibles and highlights how God’s name has been preserved in the Scriptures despite efforts to remove it. The exhibit also includes a rotational gallery, which features additional rare Bibles and Bible-related artifacts.A People for Jehovah’s Name. This exhibit provides a visual history of the spiritual heritage of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Artifacts, graphics, and first-person accounts show how Jehovah has progressively guided, taught, and organized his people to do his will

World Headquarter-Faith in Action 3.5 hour 
This interactive exhibit explains the work of the Governing Body committees and how they help Jehovah’s Witnesses to follow the Scriptural directives to meet together, to make disciples, to take in spiritual food, and to show love toward one another.
Patterson Tour Duration 1.5 hours
Highlights Created artwork for our publications as well as audio and video recordings,tour highlights Bible schools that are taught here.

Walkill Tours Duration 1.5 hours 
Prints over 25 million pieces of Bible literature annually. Ships literature in more than 360 languages to branches worldwide as well as to more than 15,000 congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

MET TOUR  $35.00 ( $25.00 & $10.00 for tip) 

Many of our Brothers or Sisters who will be doing tours are in Full Time Service and this helps to support the work they do. 
This can be paid online too with your trip price all you do is note this $ if for the MET TOUR 
The dress for this tour is casual after the tour is done you are on vacation grab your group and  have a great time.!
(Discounts for 60 and older along with those in Full Time Service and Students)

The remainder of your trip is free to do as you please and enjoy NYC, eat good food, see a play or or just rest and relax until we fly home !

I miss you already friends and thank you for choosing me.. you can go with anyone you choose..

I do not take the friends to Bethel as a business friends I never have and I never will because I don't want this to be a JOB I love being with my spiritual family! I am the only one in my family in the TRUTH so, you are my family..

The bond we share serving Jehovah is no other as Jesus said " By this all will know you are my disciples if you have love among your selves" John 13:34,35