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Bethel Trips By Sherry 

Here’s a little background about me my name is Sherry Reed, I live in Dallas Texas (Garland) we attend a brand new congregation that was organized and started in March 2015 and our family was asked to go over to our new congregation and what a blessing it has been! We along with 2 other congregations were asked to go and now we are blessed with this new assignment we love our new name is Highland Meadows Congregation on Jupiter in Dallas..

I have been in Dallas 10 years and before that Texarkana  Arkansas from 1997 to 2006 and before that we were in East Texas in Longview Texas from 1979 to 1997 ..

I’ve been in the truth since 1984 after a knock on my door after the death of our son in 1981 who was 5 months old and the Sister was at my door for close to 2 hours answering all my questions about death. life, heaven, baptism, hell fire you name it!

Can you imagine that poor sister ? I am sure she was worn out by the end of that call. Ha ha! ♥

I took the Truth Book and knew it was the Truth I was so impressed with what I read I was telling everyone what I had seen from the bible before I even had my 1st bible study it took me 2 years to settle down into a regular bible study finally!

I went to a meeting and my husband followed me because he was ” going to show me who these people really were!” We both left that meeting and he looked at me and said ” Do you think the lady that studies with you will study with me?” and my response was ” She sure will not but, I bet her husband will” lol  that was over 30 years ago and I have grown and worked on my personality and have learned so much about being tactful.

I was baptized  May 19th 1984 and  My husband  July 1985 we  have been serving Jehovah for over 30 years along with our daughter Ashlee, granddaughters Serenity 11 and Ann 9 and our son-in-law Ed.

My husband has had the privilege of regular pioneering for the past 3 years and recently attended pioneer school. I am so proud of him for reaching this spiritual goal! He is 65 and retired at 62 to work full time for Jehovah and he is loving it ! The best life ever..

I have so much joy taking the friends on these trips, the week long spiritual food and making long lasting friendships with our friends around the world !

I started taking the friends on tours in 2000 after going on bus trip in 1991 and after that trip I loved seeing Jehovah’s Organization at work for us and began taking the friends and I am so grateful that he allows me to take the friends and it is my pleasure to and thank you so much for choosing me because it is YOUR choice .