Important Information For All Going On A Bethel Trip

  • If you fly and meet us for the tours remember if you don’t fly Southwest Airlines there will be bag fees and that fee is an extra cost to you. Make sure you check the Airlines you use for cost per bag.. I do not pay for those fees and that is not included in your price for your trip with me.
  • If you have friends serving at any of the facilities and you want to spend time with the friends after the tours are over you must pay for all car rental fees that is not included in your Bethel trip and you choose to rent a car.
  • Please be on time for all Bus Tours, this places a hardship on our other Brothers and Sisters who are going with us it is the loving thing for all to be on time and not make our family late.
  • From time to time someone gets sick on these trips meaning, Car sick or other issues. Please make sure to bring some meds with you just in-case you get motion sickness.